Travelling with EXPEDITREK

EXPEDITREK is a human-sized structure that organizes and supervises hand-made trips and hikes for small groups. The idea is to make you experience the adventure like never before on the other side of the world or near your home. We offer off-trail, off-the-beaten-path deals, far from tourist routes and trendy destinations. We adapt before departure the circuit to your level, your schedule and your requirements.

Going with a qualified mountain guide allows you to provide the service for which you have paid: experience the journey in a unique way. He accompanies you from day to day, prepares meals, manages directly service providers (local agency, translator, local guide, hotels). It informs you on issues related to the environment and ethics: the "tourist" is only passing through the mountains or in a foreign country ... so you must not leave any footprints ... except on the ground ! Finally, the guide is responsible for security according to technical and meteorological hazards. The organization is supervised by a travel agency which manages the "all inclusive package": registration, visa, transport, accommodation, possible accident, repatriation, etc.

Before booking, it is good to discuss together to validate the main points of the trip and know our values: sharing and respect. Last word by the way, EXPEDITREK does not use any cookie or other statistical analysis tool during your visit to this site. We also do not compensate for the carbon emitted during our trip (let's not be hypocritical!), but we manage to reduce our pollution as much as possible ... we travel mainly in the French Alps and in Europe. There is something to be disoriented and surprised ... yes, yes, that is a promise!

Take advantage of our experience, see you soon.


Laurent CRESTAN, UNAM member

Préparation DE accompagnateur en moyenne montagne
Diplôme d'Etat Sports de montagne - DE Alpinisme
Educateur sportif stagiaire ED000000411750
Responsabilité civile professionnelle Groupama Assurance
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Union Nationale des Accompagnateurs en Montagne